El Diablo y la Sandía

Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca
205 Calle de Los Libres Oaxaca Oaxaca 68000 MX

A traditional ashtray from Michoacán in the shape of a devil eating a watermelon, placed on the bar at my parent´s house in Guadalajara was the inspiration for my brother to come up with the name of the little hotel that my mom and I opened in Oaxaca.

A colonial house with six rooms, recently restored and located just a few blocks from the zócalo where we welcome guests as if they were our friends who we invited for a few days to share with them our fascination for the city of Oaxaca.

El Diablo y la Sandía is a quaint hotel that has a different, fun feel to it. Our guests enter and lounge just as they would at home, made easy by our personalized attention and warm environment.

We enjoy spoiling you with a morning breakfast, hearty and healthy, as well as providing an orientation upon your arrival to this wonderful town.

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