Notes from Exile

By T.M. Spooner

Notes from Exile is an expat novel following three Americans and a Brit, a Falklands War vet. Along the way the novel pays homage to expats who spent time in Mexico, including writers Malcolm Lowry and D. H. Lawrence.

Notes from Exile is a skillfully crafted novel. A blend of humor and drama thread this tale, concluding in what can best be described as a haunting modern tragedy.

Mexico has long been a land of enchantment and mystery, a place where more than one foreigner has sought refuge, fleeing real or imagined demons. In a quaint village along the shores of Lake Chapala, two recent college graduates join two men living in self-imposed exile.

One, a journalist and jaded philosopher is escaping an inherited family destiny; the other, a British combat veteran is fleeing what many viewed an unnecessary war.

Notes from Exile is a venerable creation, containing humor, love, and sorrow – each in their own time and measure, all ingredients for a story of escape and hope.

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