City of Promises

By D. Grant Fitter

“Don’t judge me until you’ve found out what life in Mexico City was really like back then.”

We all face consequential choices that will define our lives.

“My entire family was stuck for generations in that isolated village where I was born. A three hour bus trip up the coast to Veracruz was a risky thought. Not for me. When you’re fourteen, know you are a dreamer and become a damned good schemer, you can’t stay and so you start planning for the day.”

It was in 1941 that Arturo Fuentes followed the beat to Mexico City.

“There was so much going on.”

Bottles of rum in smoke filled bars, sultry women and impassioned conversation, chic restaurants, music, and bright show lights calling. Murder and corruption.

“When a man is moving up he gets to meet all kinds of people in that seductive city. Powerful men who might alter your business prospects or a real dish who will change your life. Without women, life is without drama.”

What can be said of life without love?

“Arturo has goodness in his heart. It is something a girl like me could tell the minute I saw him. He had other girls but Arturo believed in me and he was so easy to love. Exceptional as he was, he could not sense the warning signs a woman does. That pack of important politicos sucked him in! You can’t play their games and then expect to walk away.”

In the dark undercity those consequential choices are not always ours to make?

“It was not of my creation that in a corrupt city there is such pressure on a guy with the guts to chase success. Each day the reasons for quitting got bigger and the ways out got smaller. I had to do what I had to do even if it cost my life. Either that or lose my soul.”

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