Las 7 Maravillas

Mazatlán, Sinaloa
Avenida Las Palmas #1 Mazatlán Sinaloa 82000 MX
52 669 136 06 4652 669 136 06 46

Located in a quiet and secure residential area, Las 7 Maravillas is actually an old and colonial house of the 50’s which belong to a middle-high class society family of Mazatlan, and which has been totally remodeled with the addition of a third floor in order to enjoy the wonderful Ocean view.

A unique concept: The symbolism of number 7: 7 Rooms, 7 Ambiances, 7 Tours, 7 Cocktails.

Decorated according to the concept of the 7 Wonders, each room represents a particular ambiance amongst 7 different countries. Colors, style, materials have been all inspired by the trips done by the owner of this place to these different countries. When drowning yourself into the house whose architecture and ambiance will make you feel in Mexico, you will also be able to extend your stay by traveling further into other continents and therefore maybe feel a bit more like at home.

A Mexican ambiance and a European service for an International satisfaction!

By going out of this beautiful building, you will find yourself at 200 meters of the beach and its famous 8 kilometer long boardwalk called the Malecón. Close to taxis and public transport, a perfect place for taking a walk in tranquility and for admiring the longest boardwalk of all Mexico.

It will only take you 10 minutes walk on the Malecón to find yourself in the heart of the Historic Center, the Machado Square is a little “plaza” close to the Old town Market and which provides lots of restaurants, bars, live music, museums and without forgetting the famous Angela Peralta Theatre where concerts and shows take place during the whole year.

By choosing Las 7 Maravillas, you will be on top, to only 15 minutes far from the most beautiful beaches and from the night entertainment zone offering also a variety of restaurants, bars and clubs.

Our B&B is the paradise for Honeymooners or romantic stays, but also for the ones who wish to stay in a quiet place but close to all facilities. Or also just simply for the adventurers who are not afraid of going out and of visiting the local treasures, by taking advantage of a comfortable, welcoming and friendly place to stay where they can rest.

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